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Scalable Software Solutions

As a Belgian provider of consultancy services and custom software we are specialised in applications that have to scale. We do this by using a set of technologies that allow us to be productive, that have scalability features build-in and generally provide us all the tools to build a quality solution.

Typesafe products such as Scala, Akka and the Play Framework have proven themselves as leading technologies in the Reactive Applications space. They are focused on scalability and provide enough flexibility to cover a wide range of applications, from web applications to raw processing.
Having said this, we aren't limited to any technology. We take pride in always selecting the best tools for the job, so that you as our customer can receive the best solution.


Our programming language of choice. Scala allows us to do more with less code (and therefore maintain less). It's a modern language that provides us the benefits of both object-oriented and functional programming.
Supported by Typesafe and started by Martin Odersky, who built the current generation of the Java compiler and provided Java with Generics support.


Akka is our main building block to make things scale. It provides all the features to cover all the traits of a reactive application, namely: scalability, responsiveness, resilience and event-driven.

Play Framework

The Play Framework allows us to build RESTful backends and web applications in the most efficient way possible. Because it makes use of Akka it can scale up nicely based on the load experienced by the system.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is what we use to deliver Big Data projects.
Why? Because it allows one to speed-up applications by putting server memory to good use. Furthermore, applications are written using the best suited paradigm for this task, namely functional programming.